DNS Benchmark: Optimize Your Internet Connection For Speed

By | September 7, 2016

DNS Benchmark: Optimize Your Internet Connection For SpeedWho wants to browse on a slow internet connection? No one. If you are having a slow internet connection, you can boost up your internet speed with DNS Benchmark. Before moving ahead in the article, let me tell you the meaning of DNS. It is the short form of Domain Name System.

DNS Benchmark: Optimize Your Internet Connection For Speed

It consists of resolutions for each and every domain name which is present on the internet. DNS Benchmark is a tool that tells you where your DNS service stands in amidst of the DNS services present in your area. DNS Benchmark helps you to choose the best DNS service available for you in order to optimize the internet connection that you use for speed. This post will tell you about the features of this tool and will guide you through its usage.

Know More About DNS Benchmark

DNS Benchmark is a tool developed by Gibson Research that allows the users to run a test which checks the fastest DNA service present in your area and it also tells you where does your DNS service stand. Not only this, it also allows the users to create a custom list of the DNS service on basis of your location in order to tell you which is the best service available for you. It also has the following features:

  • Informs you about the reliable and non-reliable DNS service.
  • Informs you whether your DNS service is listed or not.
  • Informs you about the working condition of your DNS service.
  • Give you the list of DNS servers which are fast than the DNS service, which you are using.
  • Compatible with all Windows version starting from Windows 95 and Windows Emulation which includes Windows running on Linux and Macintosh.
  • Small-sized program.
  • Free installation.

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Aren’t these features enough for you to try this wonderful tool once>

How To Run DNS Benchmark?

Before running DNS Benchmark, that you have closed all the apps running on your computer except the browser. Now, follow the steps given below to utilize DNS Benchmark.

Step 1: Download DNS Benchmark from the official website.

Step 2: Click on ‘Nameservers’ placed after ‘Introduction’ and select ‘Main Benchmark Display and Data Pages’.

Step 3: Tap on ‘Run Benchmark’. Wait for few seconds to enable your selection.

Step 4: Wait for the Benchmark to get completed.

Step 5: Click on the ‘Conclusion’ tab when the procedure is over and read the final report.

In the conclusion result you will get the following information: Usage order, Nameserver IP, Speed Rank and whether it is reliable or not.

Please note that don’t take any decision on basis of the result of one DNS Benchmark. Take the test during different hours of the days for two-three before taking any final decision about changing or keeping the DNS service that you use.

If you have used DNS Benchmark tool to increase your internet speed, tell us about the result shown by DNS Benchmark. Share the post with your friends who are fighting against low internet speed to help them achieve the best DNS service.

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