How to Fix “DNS_Probe_Finished_Bad_Config” Error

By | August 15, 2016

Fix “DNS_Probe_Finished_Bad_Config” Error – At times, you will get an error message in your PC saying DNS Probe Finished Bad Config Error. The issue can be solved using the Google Chrome browser in an easy way. The Google Chrome browser is considered to be a safe browser to access the internet and go to different web pages.

It is often seen that when you use the Chrome, the connection to a particular website will be denied. This can be due to individual errors. In that, the most common error is DNS Probe Finished Bad Config Error. The main reason for showing this error can be caused by issues in your modem.

If the modem is not connected properly or the DNS server has any issue, then such type of errors can pop up while you browse the internet.

How to Fix "DNS_Probe_Finished_Bad_Config" Error

DNS Probe Finished Bad Config Error is mainly due to the issue in the DNS server. DNS server is nothing but the Domain Name System (DNS), which helps in translating the website names into the respective IP address. Fixing DNS Probe Finished Bad Config Error is, in fact, an easy task. Once it is fixed, you can access the website that you want without any issues.

How to Fix “DNS_Probe_Finished_Bad_Config” Error

There are different methods to fix the issue. Below are three best methods that you can use to fix the issue.

Method 1: IP address renewal

This is an easy method where you have to renew your system IP address. When the IP address of the internet connection is having any issues, the DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_BAD_CONFIG can occur.

To renew the IP address, follow the below steps:

  • Run window to be opened by pressing the key “Windows + R “
  • When run window opens up, type cmd and press Enter
  • After this, you will see a command prompt and then in the command prompt, you need to type the command “Ipconfig /release”. Now press Enter
  • You will now see your IP address. If you see it is released, the IP address can be renewed by typing the command – “Ipconfig /renew”

This is an easy method to resolve the DNS probe finished Bad config error that you can try.

Method 2: DNS cache Flushing

This is another effective method that you can use in Google chrome to solve the issue. Sometimes, DNS server can cause the issue. In this scenario, it is better to flush the DNS so as to make the issue rectified. Here are the steps to flush the DNS on your system.

  • Open the Run window by pressing Windows +R key
  • In the run window, type cmd and then press Enter
  • Now the command prompt will appear. Here you have to enter the command “IPconfig/flush DNS”

Now the DNS Probe Finished Bad Config Error will be fixed as the DNS is flushed from your PC. The DNS cache when flushed, it will rectify the issue and then you will be able to browse in Google Chrome and have a proper internet connection.

However, even after following the above two steps, you still find an issue in fixing the error, here is the third method for you.

Method 3: Changing DNS servers

As we discussed, DNS server can be the main issue creating this error; it is a good idea to change the DNS servers. This is the last option that can be tried by changing the DNS servers from your PC. You should know fo ahead with this method only when you finalize that the error is popping up only due to the DNS server issue.

For different internet service providers, the DNS server will be different. It is not mandatory to use the DNS servers of your Internet service providers itself, You can also use public DNS, which is trustworthy and fast also.  Here are the steps for changing DNs server from your PC

  • Like the previous steps, here also you need to first open the run window.
  • When the run window is opened, type the command “ncpa.cpl” and then click on the Ok button.
  • When you enter this command in the command prompt, you will find the network connections of your PC.
  • All the network connections on your system will be shown here. However, you need to choose the network connection that is used for accessing the web.
  • Once you select the preferred network connection, right-click on it and select “Properties.”
  • After selecting the properties, click on “Internet Protocol Version 4” and then select “Properties.”
  • Now a field will appear where you can type the DNS server that you want to be on your PC. Now enter the address given below:

Preferred DNS Server:

Alternative DNS server:

  • Now click on the OK button. You have Done it!

This is the Google DNS, which is trustworthy and faster DNS servers as alternate DNS servers. You can use any DNS servers of your choice. This alternate DNS server will fix the error of DNS probe finished Bad config.


DNS Probe Finished Bad Config Error is usually shown in your web browser when the internet connections not accessible. This error will restrict you from accessing the internet.

There can be many issues tat cause the error. However, the main issues will be due to the problem in the DNS server that you use on your PC. Hence, there are several methods to rectify the error and get access to the internet connection. You can either renew your IP address, Flush DNS server or change the DNS server itself for fixing the error.

Different internet service providers will have a different level of issues. Hence, you can choose the most efficient method out of these. The steps are easier, and you can do it yourself without any technical assistance. So, go ahead, fix DNS Probe Finished Bad Config Error, and get access to your internet connection. You can use any DNS servers like Google DNS servers for better results.

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