How to Fix “DPC_WATCHDOG_VIOLATION” Error – Blue screen Windows

By | August 5, 2016

How to Fix ‘DPC_WATCHDOG_VIOLATION’ Error – Blue Screen Windows – Do you usually keep getting the issue of DPC watchdog violation error? You must be very upset with the problem. Actually, you should be so. It neither lets you use the system nor does it shut the system down. If no start-up item has caused this trouble, then there must be a Microsoft service most likely causing the trouble. To determine which Microsoft service may be causing the problem, repeat step 1 and step 2 without selecting the Hide all Microsoft services checkbox in either step.

How to Fix 'DPC Watchdog Violation' Error - Blue screen Windows

This is also a fact that sometimes opening the browser creates this error. But also opening the browser is not the only reason. This can arise while closing it. As soon as you close it, computer system freezes for approximately five seconds. Later it turns to blue screen sometimes with a beep calling it a DCP WATCHDOG Violation. Also, it produces something to 100% resets and goes to restart.


Rider issues cause the DPC Watchdog Violation trouble. It’s usually seen as a result of a difficult Synaptics touchpad driver or various other drivers.

Before we proceed to solve any such issue, we must first scan and repair any of the underlying trouble disturbing your computer system’s strength and routine:

  • Action 1: First download PC Repair & Optimizer Tool for example WinThruster for Win7, XP and Microsoft Gold Certified for window Vista.
  • Action 2: After that, proceed to scan to find the Microsoft Windows registry problem that is possibly the cause of PC trouble.
  • Action 3: Now, you are all set to click on ‘Repair All to mend all computer system issues.

Note: Creating weekly (or daily) programmed scans will help stop system problems and maintain your PC running quickly and trouble-free.

How to Fix ‘DPC Watchdog Violation’ Error

Here are some ways to DPC Watchdog Violation fix:

When this blue display screen occurs, Windows 10 will need to make a dump record with data about the crash in.

You can ask a question in Microsoft’s help forum TechNet. Attach the dump file and ask someone to identify the problem. Someone on the forum should be able to tell you which driver is crashing your computer.

If you can’t get to the desktop to copy the dump file, then try starting your computer in Safe Mode first.

The Touchpad Driver problem and “DPC_WATCHDOG_VIOLATION”

Many users have observed that this error appears when they try to use the touchpad on their laptop. Try not to use the touchpad and instead, use a USB or Bluetooth mouse or the keyboard to navigate.

If Windows 10 won’t start normally, then start the computer in Safe Mode. Uninstall the touchpad driver once you can get into Windows. You can do this from the Device Manager as:

  1. Press theWindows Key, search device manager and open it.
  2. Click on the arrow opposite to Mouse and other pointing devices.
  3. Then right-click the Touchpad driver and click

These steps can help stop the collapses. Wait for the release of an updated story of the driver companionable with Windows 10. Don’t update the same driver which will lead you to same crisis again.

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The search shows that how ordinary this crisis is. It can be due to a hardware difficulty, a software trouble, any virus, an issue related to drivers, and more things. Other possible solution to stop or dramatically decrease this error is:

  1. Go to Control Panel.
  2. Move onto ‘Power Options’.
  3. Then click on choose ‘what the power buttons does’.
  4. After it, click on ‘change settings that are currently unavailable’.
  5. Then proceed to unclick the box labeled Turn on Fast Startup.” (This turns off Hibernate, too.)
  6. The last thing goes with restarting the computer system. The trouble will be almost gone.

If still your problem is not solved, we recommend you a set of some more solutions as: 

1: Remove all the secondary external devices and check the persistence of the issue.

2:  This step contains some guidelines as:

Step 1: Restart system in Safe Mode with networking. Check if the problem still perseveres, you need to follow steps below:

  1. A) Push Windows and C key.
  2. B) Open settings, then additional system settings and then click on general settings.C) Navigate down to reach Advanced Start-up and click restart.D) Go-to troubleshoots then Advanced Options and then Windows Start-up Settings.E) Click Restart (in Safe Mode with networking).

Note: Restart the computer to start in normal mode.

Step 2: Check if the problem doesn’t appear in Safe Mode, then you can execute start-up to check.

The last set of instruction to resolve this crisis is listed in steps below:

Step 1:

  1. A) Push together Windows and R key on the keyboard. This will bring a small window on the screen called Run.
  2. B) Type ’MSCONFIG’ in the space provided and click ‘Ok’.
  3. C) Click the ‘Boot’ tab and uncheck ‘Safe Boot’ option.
  4. D) Now, click to select the option ‘Selective start-up’ on the General tab. Then click to clear the selection Load Startup items checkbox.
  5. E) Open Services tab, select the Hide all Microsoft services checkbox and then click Disable all.
  6. F) Click Open Task Manager on Start button. Now, right click on each start-up enabled point and select disable.
  7. G) Press OK and proceed to Restart.

Step 2: Permit a part of services:

  1. Pursue ‘a’ and ‘b’ of step 1 to start System Configuration.
  2. Go to Services and select Hide all Microsoft services checkbox.
  3. Select half check boxes in the Service list.
  4. Press OK and Restart.

Step 3: Verify if the trouble returns.

  • Reiterate step 1 and step 2 if you still see the crisis. Clear half of the checkboxes you selected in the Service list in step 2.
  • On seeing the removal of the problem, replicate step 1 and step 2.
  • Select half of the lingering check-boxes cleared in the Service list in step 2.
  • Repeat this till all checkboxes are selected.
  • Reach step 6 if single service is selected in the service list and error persists, this service creates the problem.
  • Go to step 4 if no service causes the problem.

Step 4: Allow half Start-up things.

Conclusion: The blue screen error is a common issue which can be solved in some ways without consulting to the repairer. You just need to follow some guidelines which are quite easy, and you’ll get rid of the issue.


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